Both Huawei Cloud and Microsoft Cloud are now available in South Africa

Both Huawei Cloud and Microsoft Cloud are now available in South Africa

Huawei said on Tuesday that its Cloud offering is now available in South Africa. “Like all Huawei Cloud data centres, the South African facility complies with tier 3+ standards and uses Huawei’s high-performance chips and network devices to offer a better user experience,” the Chinese electronics giant said in a statement. Huawei is leasing a data centre in Johannesburg from a partner from where it is deploying localised public cloud services based on local industry policies, customer requirements and partner conditions, it said. Huawei plans to gradually operate more data centres in Kenya, Nigeria and other countries in Africa, it said.

Microsoft has officially launched two Azure cloud data centres in South Africa, one in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg, after the software giant missed an earlier deadline of December 2018 to take the facilities live. Lillian Barnard, newly appointed MD at Microsoft South Africa, said at a press conference in Johannesburg on Wednesday that the data centre region is live with immediate effect. “The enterprise-grade data centre regions in Cape Town and Johannesburg … will power cloud, artificial intelligence and edge computing innovations across the continent,” Barnard said.

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