The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa offers online climate risk profiling tool

Launched on Friday, the Green Book is an applied knowledge resource that forecasts to the year 2050, by providing quantitative scientific climate change projections to determine the impact it will have on towns and cities across SA.

The development of the Green Book is a three-year project commissioned by the Canadian International Development Research Centre. It combines the expertise of researchers in climatology, demography, disaster risk sciences, environmental sciences, geography, informatics and urban planning.

The open access, online tool helps municipalities identify and assess which existing adaptation strategies are most valuable for building resilient settlements.

"The Green Book aims to assist decision-makers in the local government sphere to better understand the consequences of climate change, and how to respond to it. It has various sections, such as a story map, risk profile tool, background information section, etc," says CSIR senior researcher and project lead, Willemien van Niekerk.


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