Cape Town to Pretoria with Rovos Rail | South Africa

Cape Town to Pretoria with Rovos Rail... Pure Retro Luxury

Travelling on Rovos Rail means you’ll enjoy fine foods and wines and sleep in compartments fit for royalty. The sleeping compartments are reminiscent of some of the finer southern Africa hotels, such as the Cape Grace and Mount Nelson.

Rovos Rail offers several routes, including the 28-day Cape Town to Cairo option and the six-day Cape Town to Victoria Falls route, which goes via Pretoria. However, the most popular route is the three-day, two-night Cape Town to Pretoria (or vice versa) route. This journey takes roughly 28 hours and stretches over 1,500km’s of South Africa’s beautiful terrain.

The best spot on the train is on the last coach, the Observation Car, which has an outside area. This is a relaxing environment where you can sit and watch the awesome terrain pass you by. Then there is the not-to-be-missed treat, High Tea, served at around 16:00 in the Observation Car or Midway Lounge Car.

Dinner is a grand jacket and tie affair and since Rovos Rail is a proudly South African institution, you’ll be served the best local cuisine, which includes venison and only the finest South African wines.

I can only think that the prices must be quoted in US$? More info also on their trains at their website at


Travelling on the Rovos Rail means you'll enjoy fine foods and wines, not to mention sleeping compartments fit for royalty...

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