Samsung phones soon can run true GNU/Linux distributions


Samsung phones soon can run true GNU/Linux distributions

Imagine being able to place your cellphone into a small little dock, and be able to run your favourite Linux distribution on a monitor with proper mouse and keyboard, use it as you desire, then switch over to android; still using the mouse and keyboard. Once all was said and done, you could undock the phone, and put it back in your pocket and walk away...

This ladies and gentlemen, is Linux on Galaxy, a new application as part of the new Samsung Ecosystem, DeX.

Users who own a DeX compatible phone, such as the S8, S8+ or Note 8, have the option of picking up this new technology, which allows the usage of your phone as a sort of PC. With the addition of 'Linux on Galaxy', users could run Ubuntu, or Linux Mint, on their phones. While it seems like something so simple and obvious that we should have; it also is going to have much larger implications for the technology world as well.

I'm sure this is where the future is taking us. Apart from possible specialist use cases, we'll likely have one device that we use for mobile and static use, and which also syncs safely with cloud storage. The future will make today look so wasteful with all our duplicated hardware and storage and carrying laptops around. I would just hope that it is not locked into one brand's ecosystem (imagine not being able to move between using a Dell and an Acer machine today).



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