How to Use Google Home to Remember Where You Put Your Stuff


How to Use Google Home to Remember Where You Put Your Stuff

There are many useful things that Google Home can do, and it is best to master one at a time, and to then use them a bit. Here is one that you can use to remember months later where you put something, or what you loaned out to someone, etc.

So you'd ask a question like "OK Google, where is my passport?" or "OK Google, who did I loan my Epson printer to?".

Yes you need to tell it what to remember but it's way easier than writing down and then losing the paper.

So to get it to remember something for you, use phrases like:
"OK Google, remember that I put my passport in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet."
"OK Google, remember that my spare key to the truck is hidden outside."
"OK Google, remember that Alex has my wallet."
"OK Google, remember that Deon has my Epson printer."

Deleting these reminders does mean visiting and filtering on Home. You can also delete the reminders for each remembered item individually, so it may take some time. Say, "OK Google, forget what I told you about my password." Google will stop storing anything you've told it to remember about that item.



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