How Open Source Tech Helps Government IT Solve Workforce Turnover Issues


How Open Source Tech Helps Government IT Solve Workforce Turnover Issues

Just as a mainframe from decades ago might be ready for retirement, the IT staff who originally procured and installed that system might also be preparing for a new phase in their lives. It’s up to the current and next generation of government IT employees to prepare for that eventuality, but there are indications they may not be ready, despite evidence that older IT professionals are retiring or will soon be leaving their positions (just as many young IT professionals often leave and change jobs too).

Unfortunately, a skills gap exists even among younger generation IT workers. Agencies are scrambling to find personnel with expertise in cloud service management, cybersecurity, technical architecture and legacy technologies, such as common business-oriented language (COBOL) and mainframes, among other areas. At the same time that many workers are getting ready to retire, leaving behind a wealth of knowledge, many younger IT professionals are struggling to gain the knowledge they will need to take their agencies into the future.

There are a number of ways open source technology can help bridge these knowledge and skills gaps. Open source can help today’s teams capture and preserve information for current and future use, facilitate automation across systems, reduce vendor lock-in and spur the creation of an innovative culture that can help government agencies attract top talent, both today and tomorrow.

Here are four ways agencies can take advantage of open source technology to help manage the “silver tsunami” of coming retirements.
1. Automate Systems Before the Retirement Wave Hits
2. Avoid Vendor Lock-In in Favor of Open Platforms
3. Make Open Source Part of the Agency Culture
4. Build a Platform for Future Generations (and the gift that keeps giving)

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