Hunt the Wumpus game for the HP-41C/CV/CX

Back in the 1970's and 1980's games were all text based and you used your imagination. This was one game I programmed and played on my HP41CV.

See the code at, more at Wikipedia at, or you can play an Android version at

There are 20 caves each connected to 3 others. There are 6 occupied caves: 2 with super bats, 2 with pits, 1 with a wumpus, and 1 with a hunter (you). The object is to move from cave to cave, watching the warnings to see what is nearby, find the wumpus and shoot it with an arrow. You may only move or shoot into an adjacent cave.

The warnings are as follows:
"SMELL WUMPUS" -- The wumpus is in an adjacent cave.
"FEEL A DRAFT" -- Pits are in adjacent cave(s).
"HEAR SQUEAKS" -- Super bats are in adjacent cave (s ) .

If you walk into the cave with the wumpus he will eat you. If you shoot an arrow and miss (by shooting into the wrong cave), you wake the wumpus up and he moves to one of his adjacent caves. If it's the cave you are in, he eats you. Since he has sucker feet he can walk into a cave with pits without falling. And, since he is too heavy for the bats, they cannot bother him. If you walk into a cave with pits, you fall and the game is ended. If you walk into a cave with super bats, they will carry you to some other cave randomly chosen. If the wumpus, pits, or more super bats are there, you will suffer their consequences. The bats then return to their original cave.

Each time you move you will first see the consequences (if any) of your move: "CHOMP" means you've been eaten by the wumpus, "YYIIIEEEE..." means you've fallen into a pit, and "SNATCH" followed by "MOVED TO ( )" means the super bats have grabbed you and moved you. After the consequences you see any warnings that are appropriate. Last, you will see the cave you are in followed by your adjacent caves.
Hunt the Wumpus for the HP-41CX

Step. Instructions. Input Data/Units. Keys. Output Data/Units. 1. Enter program. 2. Initialize. [XEQ]WUMPUS. SEED? 3, Key in number between 0 and 1. seed. [R/S]. (warnings). (caves). 4. To move: cave #. [A]. (consequences). (warnings). (caves). 5. To shoot an arrow: cave #. [B]. (consequences).

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