Photographer Portfolios are live on Pixelfed photo sharing social network

Portfolio page on Pixelfed with black background showing a selection of photos

The feature was supposed to be live a month or so back but mine kept showing a blank screen. This could be because the settings all changed and I’d initially set mine up during testing a while back.

So now visiting your portfolio page you may see a gear icon at the bottom right. Once you set those various settings, the portfolio page actually appears with the photos.

Apart from choosing a curation of photos, you can also just choose the most recent ones. I do like there is also an RSS feed you can enable (10 most recent photos).

The URL for any user would be https://porfolio.sitename/userID so mine is The RSS feed can be used externally by any RSS feed to be notified when you post new photos.

Portfolios is a nice touch for photographers, and is unique in the Fediverse to Pixelfed as it is aimed at photographers.