Some PHP tweaks – 7 Nov 2021

Hopefully the site is a bit more responsive now as recently I updated to PHP 7.4 (from 7.3) and have enabled the apcu and uploadprogess PHP extensions, as well as tweaking the apcu memory cache settings. I have also removed a legacy problem Drupal module that was holding up my updates. I tried to update to Drupal v9.x but the site was not coming up so I had ton revert back to v8.x. The install I have via Webuzo is not a standard one (and it has it’s own PHP installation, which makes things really tricky when installing PHP extensions or even running PHP applications).

I’m toying with the idea of moving to another hosting provider which could double the vCPUs as well as RAM and give me an extra 40GB of disk space. But in order to complicate it a bit, I want to try setting it all up in Docker containers. The idea being that I get away from this PHP nightmare I have, and that updating Docker images could be a lot easier (after it is all set up). But this will be a December 2021 project.