Sorry Facebook, but my deleted data should not be accessible to you still

Facebook angry headline

A former Facebook content screener says he was fired for raising alarms about a new company protocol allowing employees to resurrect data that users deleted.

The new protocol allowed members of the social network’s Global Escalation Team “to circumvent Facebook’s normal privacy protocols” by retrieving data from the Messenger app “that users had chosen to delete,” according to Lawson’s complaint. “To keep Facebook in the good graces of the government, the Escalations Team would utilize the back-end protocol to provide answers for the law enforcement agency and then determine how much to share.”

Like many other users who deleted their Facebook accounts, I think we all expected that our data was permanently deleted after 6 months. Now it appears that Facebook is not actually deleting deleted data.

Yes, one may say “what do you expect from Facebook” but I am nonetheless very glad that I parted ways with this number one abuser of everything privacy stands for.


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