The 7 Best Encrypted Digital Notebooks for Taking Secure and Private Notes

Lilac colour background with a cartoon representation of a page with writing on it, and a pen scribbling in red ink on its bottom right corner

Have you ever imagined a vault so secure that even the craftiest of digital cat burglars would be left scratching their heads? That’s what encrypted digital notebooks offer. A realm where your words are not just words, but treasures locked away in a digital Fort Knox. This is about blending usability with top-tier security, like mixing your favourite cocktail – it’s got to have the right balance.

“Why do I even need this?” you might wonder. Think about it: in an era where our lives are so intertwined with the digital realm, shouldn’t our private thoughts get the VIP treatment too? So, whether you’re penning the next great novel, planning a surprise for a loved one, or just noting down what groceries to pick up, it’s time to ensure your notes are stored safely and stylishly.

Although there are countless note-taking apps around, the one’s in this list do focus more specifically on security, as well as ease of use (no self-hosting installation required, easy to access, and easy syncing).

I thought Cryptee was related to CryptPad, but it appears not. CryptPad is similar, and I use it for secure private sharing of documents, but it lacks slick mobile apps.