The Verge tested Aptoide, the first free iPhone app store alternative

An iPhone being held in a hand. The screen shows the title Aptoide and below that are apps shown in categories such as Top Downloads and Gaming, for downloading and installing.

The popular alternative Android marketplace Aptoide just launched as a challenger to the Apple App Store in Europe. We’ve seen a trickle of stores launch since March when the Digital Markets Act (DMA) forced Apple to support third-party iOS app marketplaces — but nothing has so far managed to upset the balance of power and change the status quo.

I really don’t think, or expect, alternative app stores to overtake the Google or Apple app stores. But they should offer some niche alternatives for many devs as well as users. So I’d think of them more as complimentary offerings.

So, what’s the key selling point? What’s Aptoide offering users that they can’t find on the App Store? Besides a currently stark list of “curated” games, one element Trezentos points to is the way Aptoide combines a freemium model with a rewards structure.


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