This XDA Reporter replaced their monitors with XREAL smart glasses for a full week

Two pairs of black glasses resting on the open palm of a hand

Not made by Meta = Tick. The price though is almost the cost of three monitors…

These may not be full time permanent replacements for monitors, but they are great for portable use, and could potentially save a ton of desk area space. You can also work in a confined area (even on a plane trip, without the neck strain of having to look down the whole time, or having the passenger next to you read all your e-mail), with the illusion of space and the monitors being further away from you. Or they can also be used so that they don’t disturb someone sleeping (or working) next to you, or you can use them instead of having a large screen TV.

At even 60Hz to 120Hz, that is a pretty decent refresh rate, and more than I expected it to be. They are also not as heavy or cumbersome as many VR goggles are, weighing it at around 75g. Resolution is 1080p per eye.

It seems too that the glasses can connect to Linux computers that support USB-C DP video output.

But this type of device really needs to be tested in person before buying. It’s not the sort of thing you can easily show someone remotely, or via a video, to help make a choice.

See and the video at–m2ZwWQxPSLM is also worth watching