Try these Linux bash aliases for more efficient use of the command line

A terminal screen showing carious alias commands listed in it such as alias c='clear' and alias now='date +%T'. Along the bottom are two lines showing varios shortcut keys for the editor such as ^G for Help, ^X for Exit, ^K for Cut, etc.

For those who don’t know, bash aliases allow you to create unique command shortcuts. So, a simple word can be used to run a more complex command which may have a lot of additional parameters, e.g. just type the word ‘update’ to execute an update command complete with a few extra parameters.

You don’t necessarily want aliases for absolutely everything that is possible, but certainly those commands or queries that you often run, can make your life a lot easier and quicker. The same goes for commands that aren’t easy to recall, as a good alias makes them more meaningful.

There are some interesting suggestions at the linked article below.