Use ‘Bridgy Fed’ to Connect Fediverse accounts (inc Mastodon) and Bluesky

A social media profile with a banner icon saying "This is real: System Report: Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined". The profile name is Justin Pot and shows an address as with the description "I am a freelance journalist and a person. I believe that tech is a tool, not a way of life, and that we should use it to connect with each other. I currently write..." and there it is truncated. There is also a blue +Follow icon.

It is as simple as just following the relevant bridge account, and your posts will appear on the other side with the same address you are currently using. So you are not creating a new profile on the destination network. The profile name is not identical to the one you currently use, as I see “” is appended, but the name is easily searched for and found.

Once you’ve determined what your profile’s account name is on the destination network, you can share that with any friends there, who will be able to follow it and interact with you. Unfortunately, if you have an actual account already on the destination network, you can’t yet bridge with that account. And, of course, some admins may choose to block the bridge.

But, as is the custom on the Fediverse and Bluesky, you won’t see these bridged accounts unless you decide to follow them. There is no algorithm pushing or promoting such feeds into your feed. It is your choice.