17 Dolphin File Manager Tips and Tweaks for Linux KDE Users

A file explorer app with a left-hand column showing options to navigate to Home, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. An image icon has been right-clicked on in the larger pane, and shows a context menu with options such as Resizing to various sizes, compressing to various levels of compression, custom resize, complete optimization for the web, make progressive, and some additional resize options.

Like Linux desktops, every Linux user has their own preference for a file manager. The reason is, because you have lots of options to choose from, so you have the choice.

But if you’re a Dolphin File Manager user, like I am (see, no attempt to convert you if you use something else), then these tips are well worth considering as they will make your use of the app a lot more feature-rich and useful.

There are one or two tips I did not know about myself, like the Reimage plugin. But I’ve long used a good many of these, and it’s worth knowing that Dolphin also accepts various 3rd party plugins too.

See https://itsfoss.com/dolphin-tweaks/