A Non-Technical Introduction Video to Meshtastic Off-Grid Radio Communications

A teal colour background with two small Meshtastic radios shown on the right side, and text title on the left side saying Meshtastic off-grid comms, a non-technical introduction

This is an open-source solution that works with inexpensive LoRa radios, and your mobile phone or laptop, to be able to pass messages directly, or in shared channels, between the various nodes with no Internet or mobile phone coverage required.

The intention of this video is to give a non-technical overview of what it could be used for, how it works, and what you can expect from it. This is not a “how-to configure it” or a field demo video. Hopefully the video helps motivate some new users to set up these nodes in their own cities, and thereby help this form of mesh off-grid communication be more effective across entire cities.

Watch https://youtu.be/tNZdVxIIQ58