Beston 2800mAh AA batteries only clocking 2200mAh capacity

I took a chance on buying this brand as yes the capacity was quite high, and I could not find any reviews really on their performance.

Certainly appears that for the pack I bought it’s not getting anywhere near its capacity. I did two separate Refresh mode charges on my SkyRC MC3000 charger (basically charges up, discharges down to a 1V cut off, and charges up to its rated capacity) and both times charging finished at a shade over 2200mAh only. The battery in slot 2 on the second round triggered a thermal cutout at 45 degrees.

The left side of the chart is the discharge cycle at 0.5A and the right side is the charge cycle at 1.15A. If full is below 1.65V it is determined by the charge end current which reduces sharply down to less than 100mA.

Have to say my Eneloop 1900mAh AA batteries do clock their full capacity so although they have a low rated capacity to do perform 100% plus to that capacity. A new set of Eveready 2300mAh for comparison, fully reached their rated capacity with the same tests.

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