If Lemmy is not your cup of tea as an alternative to Reddit, maybe try open-source federated Kbin instead

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Yes, Reddit is going through its own API pains right now, and of course it is anyway a centralised social network much like Facebook and Twitter. So the discussion around alternatives has been coming up again.

Lemmy has been around for a while, its technology is good, and it federates via ActivityPub to the rest of the Fediverse. You can also host your own instance and set your own terms and conditions. Sounds ideal? Well, there has also been quite an under current of issues raised about Lemmy’s devs (something political I gather, but I had more of an ongoing issue with one or two users doing on-topic trolling, so I left).

Well there is now Kbin. It has “magazines” which are similar to subreddits, or you can just post to the main feed. Other users can vote up or down, and comment etc. It also federates via ActivityPub, and I love the fact it can be self-hosted using Docker.

Kbin is a decentralized content aggregator and microblogging platform running on the Fediverse network. It can communicate with many other ActivityPub services, including Mastodon, Lemmy, Pleroma, Peertube. The initiative aims to promote a free and open internet.

The project page is at https://kbin.pub/, and it looks like kbin.social is one of their main instances.