India is a massive market, and now it will search on its self-made search Engine called QMAMU

The first private Search Engine has been developed in India and ready to be launched on Indian Republic day, 26th January 2021.

Some advance featured in a search engine is also added, the engine has morphological analysis, it can accept Indian language besides English. Once the user types for search, various forms of the same keywords are listed. The search engine is user-friendly and portable for Windows and Linux operating systems.

How well it will work we’ll only be able to tell after a few months of use. But it is really high time that countries started to assert their own identity and presence on the Internet as too many services have been totally US dominated and do not reflect the cultures and languages of 150+ other countries. Hopefully it is the start of a decentralisation and localisation of many services whilst retaining the connectivity between all of them.

See Now India will search on its self made search Engine! – IssueWire

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India’s first private Search Engine “QMAMU”, is ready to be launched on Indian Republic day.

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