Africa may have no Mastodon instances (I could not believe this) but it does have a decentralised Lemmy (Reddit clone) instance to foster social dialogue across African nations

Baraza is a digital public square as imagined in Bantu philosophy. Share and discuss news, resources, howtos, ask questions, or anything you like. While not required, posts related to Africa would be appreciated.

The site looks like it is physically hosted in Germany in the EU which is probably a good thing, but it’s focus is on things African and will appeal to Africans. Lemmy is unfortunately not federated with the Fediverse but it federates with decentralised Lemmy nodes. So I was able to post a post on a community at Baraza that related to an African theme, from a different node.

It is not only great that Africa has a social media focal point, but that it is also for all African countries, so it keeps perspective and context instead of only being dominated by one country. Africa has many languages and cultures, often existing within each country. Establishing social dialogue across all African countries is of immeasurable value to all citizens.

See Baraza

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