Odysee video platform seems to have sorted out their buffering problem, and livestreaming is available to all

This is really great news as the service was becoming fairly unusable for me for the last few months. Tested it now and seems buttery smooth. I also see more resolution options, which in the past had some dependency on what was uploaded.

You don’t know about Odysee…? Well, it is used by many YouTubers as a safe backup for their videos in case they get a ban on YouTube, and many use it as their primary video sharing platform to escape the YouTube tracking. So in many cases you will find a lot of YouTuber’s content there just as it appears on YouTube (Odysee can be configured to actually automatically republish any public video that you have uploaded to YouTube). But it has it’s own vibe and culture, and many also see it as having a lot more freedoms.

And yes it does have a cryptocurrency that you can earn or spend there, but that is totally by the way and can be ignored if you’re not interested.

See https://odysee.com/@Odysee:8/mayroundup:4

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