eLEAP OLED TV breakthrough (Brighter OLED screens with lower power consumption) fixes all the tech’s problems, and it’s coming soon

Known as eLEAP, the tech also means that the OLED panels would have a longer lifespan, estimated by Japan Display to be three times longer than current models, even at the higher brightness levels.

eLEAP’s advantage is that it offers a larger ‘aperture ratio’, which is basically how much of the space of each OLED pixel can actually be devoted to the parts that put out light.

And best of all, this isn’t some theoretical ‘we did it in a lab one time’ breakthrough. Japan Display says that it’s in talks to start sample production of OLED screens made with eLEAP by the end of 2022, and that it plans to provide the technology to other display makers too.

See https://www.techradar.com/news/oled-tv-breakthrough-fixes-all-the-techs-problems-and-its-coming-soon

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