Overview of Memories Advanced Photo Management Suite that installs inside Nextcloud

Memories open-source selfhosted photo management with an image showing a whole lot of polaroid style photos scattered on a table

Memories is a fast, modern and advanced photo management suite, that installs quickly and easily inside Nextcloud. My video contrasts it with the Photos app that comes with Nextcloud, and highlights some reasons why you may want to use it instead of Photos. This app has face, object, landmark, place, and human action recognition capability through the Recognise app. It’s not that obvious, but albums can be shared, and photos commented on, with other Nextcloud registered users using the underlying Nextcloud file commenting system.

Memories is a great way to collaborate and share photos privately with friends and family, and even to share public links to some of your albums. It can even work on a Raspberry Pi hosted in the home.

It also has apps for iOS and Android, which can optionally auto-upload photos into Memories.

By saving/reading titles and descriptions into the photo’s EXIF headers means that importing or exporting out of Memories is a lot less of a chore with migrating between photo services.

Watch https://youtu.be/2A6u0AluCnI

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