Realme launches smartphone that can charge to 20% in 80 seconds (@240W) but I’d rather see longer battery life or cycles

Rear side of a purple hone with two large round lenses

Critical observers might be concerned that this staggering charging speed would generate a lot of heat and potentially degrade long-term battery life. But Realme said the battery’s total capacity would not drop lower than 80% after 1,600 cycles, which works out to over four years of use if the phone is charged daily.

The big caveat is that you will need a proprietary high-current USB-C cable with 20V/12A power and dual gallium nitride (GaN) charging adapter to achieve the 240W speed.

I generally slow charge (I disable fast charge) my phone overnight, so personally the last thing I need is ultra-fast charging. I’d much rather see a battery that can run longer, or can last a lot more charge cycles. The battery is generally the weak spot with most phones, and is usually the first thing to wear out. That was not an issue when we could just buy another one and pop it in ourselves, but today it has become quite an issue with swapping out a battery.


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