Small static page websites really can be hosted for free

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Rather than considering this linked article as an exhaustive compilation of free hosting options (it’s not), instead see it as a message aimed specifically at those who just want to have a couple of webpages to support their hobby or small business. There is often no need to pay for that level of website hosting. Or maybe you want to just try out creating your own website.

Why would you want to create a website when you have Facebook? Well you may want to leave Facebook (you have considered that haven’t you… but I digress), or maybe Facebook shuts down someday, or maybe you want the branding and permanence of having your own domain name not associated with some other big company. There are lots of reasons to want to host your own website.

It is though well worth considering paying a small fee for your own domain name, as you can keep that even if you move to a different hosting service. My own domain name costs me only $7.31 per year.

This article is only the tip of the iceberg though, as not even was mentioned.