Wesgro creates the Cape Karoo region in Roblox, partnering with BP & Shell to win the hearts of young road-trippers in South Africa

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The first thought I had was, this had to do with PR for fracking, but no, it is a genuine promotion of tourism in an innovative way that appeals to the youth. Kudos to Wesgro for such an innovative idea that seems very well executed. It certainly taps into a very current trend around gaming with locations. The Karoo has long been a favourite location for me to take bike rides to. I once rode out there and spend an hour or just reading a book, with a wonderful view in front of, and not a single solitary human or even car in sight.

The game Starlight Adventures In The Cape Karoo aims to drive tourism across the region, highlighting lesser-known but exciting family destinations where tourism is critical to the local economy.

Wesgro is the first tourism promotion agency in the world to use Roblox in its marketing campaigns, with today’s launch being the second game it has released on the platform.

The game includes a digital clone of Prince Albert, a small town with only 7000 people, that has been transformed into a playable experience.

In researching the game, Wesgro consulted with local tour guides and cultural experts – using 3D scans of landmarks and objects to create an accurate representation of the town.

With a map spanning four square kilometres, the game is one of the largest on Roblox.

Additionally, for the first time in a game, the history and culture of the Khoisan people, the world’s oldest tribe, is featured.

See https://mybroadband.co.za/news/gaming/499331-wesgro-creates-the-cape-karoo-region-in-roblox-partnering-with-bp-shell-to-win-the-hearts-of-young-road-trippers-in-south-africa.html