Threema (already more private than Signal messenger) is now on F-Droid, completely free from Google code

Screenshot 20220804 182838

Threema’s instant messenger has proven to be an answer to security and privacy concerns surrounding WhatsApp and Telegram. It has also managed to provide an alternative to Google’s push notifications with the introduction of Threema Push, allowing you to be more independent of Google services. Now, the company has gone a step further by introducing Threema Libre, a variant of its app that is completely free from any proprietary dependencies.

So this also means that those using degoogled phones such as Huawei, GrapheneOS, etc can now also take advantage of push notifications.

Interestingly enough the fact that you don’t need to pay for the app again on F-Droid if you bought it through Threema’s website, says something too about the walled gardens of Google and Apple’s app stores. I experienced the same when moving from Android to iOS, that the apps that I’d paid for outside of the Google app store, could continue to work in premium mode under iOS after I’d signed in.


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