Classic Solitaire Klondik‪e‬ by Aliaksandr Tsitkou – The only Solitaire game for iOS without adverts, subscriptions or purchase?

Sounds incredible if you’re used to Android, and you’d think Solitaire was a reasonably basic game, but I’ve been through about 5 so far and some are loaded with really irritating averts (the ones you must wait 30 seconds to pass) or else they have subscriptions per month to eliminate the ads. There are only one or two that I see had a once-off purchase option (which is what I would usually consider).

So finally I find this one… no ads, no purchases, no frills. You have some basic options and an interesting stats screen when you finish a game. I did not spot it originally on my searches through the Apple app store as searching does not have filters like ‘no ads’ or ‘no subscriptions’, so I thought it worth posting about. Glad to see it has 433 ratings with average 4.5. There is good reason why Solitaire is so long-lasting in its popularity.

See ‎Classic Solitaire Klondike

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– Classic Solitaire Klondike is 52-card pack which you ought to build for four suits up from ace to king in separate piles.

  • On the tableau, cards are played in descending order, alternating colors.
    EXAMPLE: The 10 of hearts may be played on either the Jack of clubs or the Jack of spades. T…

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