How top esports talents are plucked from obscurity – Shows the levels that esports are already attaining

When an esports team or player is acquired by an investor, they can be provided with practical and financial support, such as gaming devices, computers and coaches. In exchange, they take a small share of winnings.

Prince’s big break came this year when GcX was acquired for an undisclosed sum by Ampverse, an esports holding company based in Singapore that could provide the team with a further step-up in assistance. As part of the deal, the four players of 7Sea moved into a gaming house in August 2021, which is for their exclusive use. The six-bedroom villa in Pune has the latest gaming technology, high-speed internet, meals prepared by a chef and domestic staff. The players have a coach, performance analysts, a personal trainer and “social ambassadors” who create online content and hype around the 7Sea brand.

It’s clear to see that professional esports is already taking on all the characteristics of traditional pro sports, from the coaching, investment, equipment, time, and money. One key difference, though, is they don’t just play one big match, as esports may be a 9-hour-long session, with time still spent reviewing their performance.


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