The Louvre Just Launched a New Online Database With Its Entire Collection — More Than 480,000 Artworks

The database, which experts will update on a continual basis, offers access to artworks on display, in storage, and on loan to other institutions. You can look for something specific in the search bar, or you can explore by category: paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, jewellery and finery, writing and inscriptions, and objects. Several themed albums (e.g. “The Art of Portraiture” and “Major Events in History”) can help guide you along your virtual journey, and there’s even an interactive map of the Louvre, so you can see what’s being showcased at the moment.

Any visit to the Louvre is never going to get you through all 20+ km of passages, and then not all the artwork is even on display at any one time, this is a useful resource for those who cannot get there, or for those who can, so that they can plan their visit better. One forgets some of these paintings are up to 7 m and even 10 m in length. It would have been nice and complete if they had also included the story behind the works, but that is probably easily found elsewhere for the well known works.

See The Louvre Just Launched a New Online Database With Its Entire Collection—More Than 480,000 Artworks

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The Louvre’s online database includes literally everything, from artworks in storage to those on display at other museums.

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