Porsche Explodes The “EVs Aren’t Good For Long Distance Travelling” Myth – Adds 75% Of Its Battery Capacity In 22.5 Minutes

The myth about how you can’t use an electric car for long trips continues to circulate, so Porsche decided to do something about it. According to Business Insider, the 2,834-mile (4,560km) long trip was carefully planned to take advantage of high power chargers along the route. Driving an electric car does require a bit more planning for trips than a gasmobile does. But it showed that electric car road trips are perfectly doable.

It can accept a charging rate of 350 kilowatts, allowing it to add 75% of its battery capacity in 22.5 minutes, according to Porsche. At one stop, the Taycan took just 22 minutes to charge from 6% to 82%, the company said. That, friends, is some fast charging.

The point also is, that batteries are getting better, and chargers are getting better. For 99% of normal use to work and back, and leisure, the capacity is just never going to be all used in a single trip. An overnight charge at home with a 220V charger is just going to be fine. It’s going to get better, not worse, over time.

See https://cleantechnica.com/2022/02/11/porsche-explodes-the-evs-arent-good-for-long-distance-traveling-myth/

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