Shaving isn’t mere personal hygiene, it’s an art… or it should be

If you’ve been using an aerosol shaving cream and disposal razor, you’ve certainly left room for improvement. When using the wrong tools, shaving can feel like a painful chore—literally, if nicks, cuts, and razor burn are an issue for you. That’s why true grooming experts recommend a process called “wet shaving”—a little fancier, a little old fashioned, and a lot more satisfying. And getting started only takes a few tools and a little know-how.

Beyond the practical concerns, there’s also value in ritual, and wet shaving can definitely be that for you—a small reprieve in the day, during which time you can carefully focus on executing a task well. Using a fancy shaving cream, a soft shave brush, and your favourite smelling aftershave can make for an enjoyable experience at a minimal cost (though like any other hobby, you can certainly spend more money if you want to).


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