Working from home is here to stay say Experts – Businesses need to implement work-from-home strategies

This is the view of leading tech companies VMware, Micro Focus, Euphoria Telecoms, and SqwidNet, who spoke to MyBroadband about remote working in South Africa.
John Woollam, CEO of Euphoria Telecom, said the COVID-19 pandemic has delivered the final push that was needed for businesses to implement work-from-home strategies.

“These have been under discussion for some time, but many companies have been reluctant to roll them out due to a combination of fear of the unknown, the risk of reducing output and business continuity concerns,” said Woollam.

He added that Euphoria Telecoms predicts about 30% of South African businesses will implement some form of remote working policy after the pandemic is over.
Woollam said the best way to prepare for an increase in work-from-home staff is ensuring you have the right connectivity and systems in place.

Remote working can be successful but NOT if you just try and do it according to the old office rules. In the past employees needed to spend time and money on travelling to work but this will be replaced by the need for them to have proper connectivity and systems at home.

See Working from home is here to stay – Experts

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The number of employees who work from home is expected to increase substantially in South Africa following the COVID-19 lockdown.

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