Quicksy can help you find your contacts on XMPP as XMPP does not require any personal data to register so there are no alerts of contacts joining

The only downside (for many) to using super secure messengers is that they do not require any e-mail address or phone number to register, so the net result often is you have no idea if some of your contacts join later, and they won’t see you either.

For XMPP Quicksy allows you to create a separate account on their service with your phone number (if you wish to) and in this way you can be alerted if any contacts join via the Quicksy service. This account is completely separate from your day-to-day XMPP account (or you could use it for day-to-day if you wanted to make your phone number known).

It is a fully functional fork of the Conversations app for Android. They explain the privacy policy and data storage policy at the link below. For normal XMPP usage though with existing contacts you have, there is no need to ever advertise your phone number or e-mail address. This is really ONLY intended for those who want to be found by their contacts, and I’d still recommend that you have, and use, a separate XMPP account for your daily usage. Of course if your contacts don’t know about Quicksy, or don’t use it, you still won’t know they are out there on XMPP. If you know your contacts’ XMPP ID’s there is also no need to use Quicksy at all.

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A spin-off of the popular Jabber/XMPP client Conversations with automatic contact discovery. Sign up with your phone number and Quicksy will automatically—based on the phone numbers in your address book—suggest possible contacts to you.


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